Frequently asked Questions for Businesses

How does the Indieguide work?
We put together a list of creative, local businesses and compile them into a handy guidebook, along with a discount for each business. The guidebook is purchased by the public, and the discounts are used as an incentive for them to try out something new in and around the city.

How are the businesses selected?
For the Indieguide we look for businesses that are creative and locally owned. We use recommendations, reviews, walk-ins and online research to curate the guide.

Why should I feature my business in the Indieguide?
The Indieguide gives your business the opportunity to gain new customers, through the exposure of being alongside other curated businesses, and through the use of the discount that you offer. As the discount is entirely on your terms, there is the chance to restrict the discount, e.g. for use in quieter times, or to a particular product line, hence making our guide suitable for any business.

What shall I offer as my discount?
We love discounts that attract pairs of people, to encourage multiple purchases and more new customers. For example, ‘buy 2 and get X free’, or ‘20% off when you buy 2 X’. However we have a wide variety of discounts on offer, so you can choose a discount that works for you and use our restrictions line to make it suitable for your business.

Is there a cost to be in the guide?
It is free for a business to be featured in the Indieguide.

How can I feature my business?
Your business will be contacted, however, if you believe your business to be suitable for the guide, then please send through some info and we will be in touch.

Is there an online aspect to the guide?
We currently have no plans to have an online version of the guidebook as we aim to inspire people to find new places across different neighbourhoods and not to give them easy access to lots of discounts. The Indieguide works fantastically as a gift and unique item to have in the household, so we would not want to dilute this effect by having the guide so readily available on an app.

What will happen when a voucher is redeemed?
New customers will bring the guidebook with them and show it at the point of purchase/ordering/booking. You can then witness the voucher being torn from the corner of your business feature to be redeemed.

How will my staff know what the guidebook looks like?
We will be sending out a copy of the Indieguide to every business that is featured. This gives business owners the opportunity to show their staff what the vouchers will look like, and to try out using the guidebook themselves.

Where will the guidebook be available to purchase?
The Indieguide will be available to purchase online, at local markets and from various bookshops, gift and homeware stores. Click here to order online or to find your local stockist.

How will the guide be advertised?
The guide will be advertised through social media after our launch and promoted at various markets in the city.

Who is the guide for?
The guidebook is aimed at both locals and tourists. They could be looking for an authentic experience and to steer away from larger chain companies, or simply interested in trying something new nearby. The Indieguide makes the perfect gift all year round.

How much do the guidebooks cost?
The guidebooks sell for $29.99.

How do I become a stockist?
Simply email us on, and we can chat more about how to become a stockist.

How many books will be distributed?
4000 copies in 2019.

When will the vouchers expire?
The Indieguide is a yearly guidebook, so the vouchers will be valid from the 1st of January to the 31st of December each year.

How many vouchers can I expect to take at my business?
This depends on your discount. If you are offering a great deal, then it is more likely that you will see a fair few vouchers redeemed weekly, however, if your deal is more specific, then it may be that the exposure from the book will lead to new customers who don’t necessarily bring the guide with them.
As most people will buy the guidebook at the start of the year, it is likely that most vouchers will be redeemed in the early months of the year and decrease as the year goes on.

Will I be included in next years guide?
Your business feature will not automatically roll into the 2020 guide, as we like to change things and refresh the content of info, images and discounts. We will be in touch with more info closer to the launch of the next guide.

What are the 'Rules of Use' for Customers to follow when using the guidebook? 
You will find the General Rules for using the Indieguide at the start of the guidebook. If necessary, you can always refer your new customers back to them. If you're reading this on a mobile device and need to zoom in for better readability, please click here