Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a guide?
The Indieguide is available to purchase online, at local markets and from various bookshops, gift and homeware stores. Click here to order online or to find your local stockist.

How much does it cost?
You can buy the guidebook for $29.99 through our website. Shipping is free within Western Australia and just $2 to deliver elsewhere within Australia. 

Who is the guide for?
The Indieguide is for everyone and makes an ideal gift all year round. It’s bursting with new things to try, so perfect to pop into your car or have sitting your coffee table.

Where can I use it?
The discounts can be redeemed at almost 100 different businesses around the city, from cafes and restaurants to workshops and spas.

What are the discounts?
There are a variety of discounts in the guide, from ‘2 for 1 on coffees’ to ’20% off first purchases’. Some are great for bringing a friend and others better for going solo, so there is something to suit any occasion.

Can I use them more than once?
A discount is to be used only once and on a single bill.

What are the restrictions on discounts?
On each business page in the guide, you can see if there are any restrictions on the discount the business is offering. General rules can be found at the start of the guide.

When do the discounts expire?
The Indieguide is a yearly guidebook, so the vouchers will be valid from the 1st of January to the 31st of December each year.

What areas does the guide cover?
The guide covers a wide range of neighbourhoods, from the busy inner city to the laid back suburbs. You can navigate to your nearest offers using the location banners at the top of the pages, and the maps throughout the guidebook.

How do I use the guide? 
Take the book with you and upon ordering/purchasing show your Indieguide. When it’s time to pay, rip off the right corner along the perforated edge of the business feature in front of the cashier to redeem your voucher.